Thursday, March 5, 2009

You Just Never Know


The last two days have been (trying to think of a word) interesting, challenging, difficult, stressful... (still not sure what word fits or all) My head hurts just to think about all the mental gymnastics I have put myself through. I have been in the forest.

First, the hydraulics that hold up my very heavy back window on my Excursion failed all of the sudden yesterday. Hannah was trying to get out groceries and dropped the door; the whole back glass shattered. Scared us to death. Wm. thought a shotgun went off. The glass went all over Hannah, but she is ok. Back window, not so good. Glass guy coming out tomorrow.

Our puppy is not working out. She is terrorizing our dachshund and tearing up the house. I am stressed everyday and can not get anything done. I can't teach for her barking. I clean up one room and she has torn up another one. We have moved stuff, hid stuff, etc. Nothing works. Fortunately, Wm. called our nephew who gave her to us and the lady that took Scouts sister wanted both dogs. So, she will take her. Sad, but good.

Wm's dad is being discharged tomorrow. His kidneys are not working nor do they know if they will regain any function. He will go to dialysis 3 days a week. Wm's sister that lives near their dad will move in with him for the time being. Wm. and their aunt will relieve her on the weekends. I hope he doesn't get weary of the dialysis; I can imagine one could get tired of it.

On a lighter note; Wm. and his sister went to the hospital today for a visit. Wm's dad, I think I mentioned, was saved last year. He had been a very bitter man for many years for many reasons. Today Wm. said that his dad was witnessing to his youngest daughter and her husband. They live a very hedonistic lifestyle. Wm. said his sister said, "daddy, I'm a good person". His father told her, "that doesn't matter and it won't get you to heaven". Wow!!

William couldn't believe it. They will not listen to us because our lifestyle is so different and always has been compared to theirs. They have always judged us. But maybe they will listen to a man that has lived a sinful life and has been bitter toward God, but now is a Christian.

I am tired, but things will settle down. God is still on His throne!

LATE EDITION: the puppy got hold of Hannah's glasses that she laid on the island in the kitchen. I found them with both lenses missing and the frames chewed. OH MY WORD! She is tore out of the frame. (no pun intended!) :)

EARLY EDITION: we have been told there is no discharge order for my FIL. Not sure what is going on. Frustrating.

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD.
Psalm 1:24

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