Monday, March 9, 2009

Pictures From Today


Here is our future chicken coop. We had up all the chicken wire, but took it back down when we decided to alter the design. We have to make sure our cats or other critters do not get to our chickens. There will be a door on the opposite end from the coop.


Sarah and William worked hard. This girl can do some farm work, let me tell you. She is rough and tough when she needs to be. She hung in there with her daddy!!!


Here is my sweetie cutting away. Our ground is uneven so he had to build up one end of the coop.


Hayden helped carry wood. WAIT A MINUTE, that is the dad carrying the wood!!! Ok, Hayden did help carry wood and do other stuff.


William is lifting up the low end. Strong, manly man!


Our favorite bassett/beagle, Harley.

I will post pictures of the finished coop when we get it done. And more about raising chickens.

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