Friday, March 6, 2009

Something Different Everyday

Yesterday we were told my FIL was being discharged and Wm. was planning to leave this morning to go get him. Fortunately his sister talked to someone that was to come out to assess the house; they told her there were no discharge orders. We called the hospital and sure enough, no orders.

Later today we found out that they did an ultrasound on one of his arms that was swollen. He now has a blood clot. So, no coming home until this is resolved. He was disappointed; he is so ready to get out of the hospital.

I have a new back window in my Excursion! Lost all my great stickers. I had one with a quote from Benjamin Franklin, a recycle sticker, a pro-life sticker and across the middle, our business name and phone number. I will have to work on replacing them now.

Our puppy went to her new home and peace reigns in the Queen home once again. Sad, but good. The lady has her sister as a stated in my last blog and she loves big dogs. We are excited that Scout will have other dogs her size to play with. I'm excited that Piper will not have to run for her life and we do not have to move everything beyond MY reach!

I have a sinus infection and am feeling yucky. I hate having chills. This too shall pass.

After dinner tonight we settled on what we are growing in our garden this year and who is responsible for what crops. We decided that this year each family member would take charge of one or two crops. Before we plant each person will have to study their vegetables and/or fruits and learn how to care for them, how to harvest, and what to plant after that crop is exhausted. It should be a good learning experience for us and make the upkeep easier. And I am all about easier!!! We should have the chicken coop finished soon and we will add chickens to the fray!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day and we can clean our porches, work on the coop and move some dirt. Sounds like a winner!!!

Oh, jump over to Hannah's blog, she made a Swedish Visiting Cake today and it was very good. It is very simple to whip up for a coffee get together or to take to a dinner.

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