Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Day


Last night around 10:30 we got a call from my SIL saying that my FIL had almost fallen as she tried to help him to the bathroom. She also said he was bleeding, but she wasn't sure from where. William and I ran out of the house and made it over to his home in about 5 minutes. I was concerned that his port had come out and he is on blood thinner; not a good combination.

Fortunately it was his elbow bleeding, but he was very weak. I took his pulse and blood pressure, both were ok. I had felt that coming straight home was not the best idea, that maybe a rehab place for a couple of weeks would be better. My SIL wanted him home and insisted that she would care for him. He is too weak for her to handle him and we are afraid someone is going to get hurt. We stayed until 1 am to make sure he was stable.

Today we have gotten a wheelchair (he has been using a walker) and ordered a hospital bed. This should make it easier for my SIL to handle him. She will not have to pull on him to get him into a sitting position nor will he have to walk if he feels too weak. Going 25 feet completely exhausts him. Also the hospital bed will provide a better level of safety at night with the rails.

William and our nephew built a ramp from his door this afternoon so he can go to the car in the wheelchair. We almost didn't get him out of the house this morning for dialysis. He got to the door and froze. He was scared and weak from the walk. Fortunately William's aunt and her husband live up the road; they came down and her husband helped Wm. get him to the car. When we got to dialysis, he could not make it in with the walker. I ran, got a wheelchair and got it under him just in time.

We will just take one day at a time. I think this illness has really effected my FIL, he must depend on others. He is stubborn and doesn't understand instructions, so each step will be a challenge. Fortunately, he will listen to William and I most of the time and right now my SIL is over her head.

Here is my biggest frustration: the hospital provide two lines of discharge instructions for a man that has been the hospital for 3 weeks with complete kidney failure. The doctors have spoken to the family maybe twice. TWICE! in 3 weeks. It is like they pushed him out the front door in the wheelchair and said "good luck".

This is a large hospital in a major city! I believe they took good care of him, but they did not provide the family with adequate information for his care. No idea of his limitations, what to expect, etc. I am appalled. I have cared for my MIL and my mom, I have worked for doctors, I have educated myself; I realize the power of information. Does this hospital??

Ok, I feel better, I think. Tomorrow we meet with a kidney specialist in this area and are hoping to transfer his care to him. That way we do not have to drive him almost 3 hours south for a dr. visit. Too much.

Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee:
he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved."
Psalms 55:22

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