Sunday, June 27, 2010


IMG_1379[174/365] catering

We haven't catered in awhile and we are all paying for it! Oh my!! My feet think I hate them and I think I do.

12 hours of labor payed off in the way of a wonderful Eagle Scout banquet with a sit down dinner. We made Cheese crusted chicken, red potatoes with parsley, whole green beans, yeast rolls, salad and dessert.

Did I mention that we are tired?? Oh and did I mention that the scouts mother didn't let us know she wanted us to decorate until 24 hours before the dinner? Talk about scrambling; fortunately we are on top of July 4th and Eagle Scouts use red, white and blue! And we love a challenge. I think...

The girls and I are saving all our farmers market money and any other we can make for a vacation. A scouting family has a condo out in Wyoming that they like to bless people with by allowing them to use it. YES!! We so want to go West. So today helped a lot!

Now I must go and rest, and rest, and rest, and rest, and dream of the wild West.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Things Change

In 1995 the first Toy Story came out and our first born was 5 years old. She fell in love with the toys, their personalities and their adventures.

Another movie followed in 1999 our youngest just 2, our middle one 5 and our first born 9. We had many of the toys in our house by this time and the movie played on the TV over and over.

Tonight we went to the drive-in to see Toy Story 3 and it became something we couldn't have imagined. See Andy is all grown up now and it is the end of his childhood. Sitting next to me was our first born, who turns 20 next month. It was for her, and us, the end of one season and the beginning of another rolling right in front of us on a huge screen.

Hannah and I both shed a tear. The sweetness of Andy passing his toys on, but not forgetting the happy childhood he had. As our oldest moves from one season to another I can rejoice that she has had a happy childhood and moves into adulthood with wonderful, precious memories.

Go see the movie, you may shed a tear also...

the siblings.

Or act goofy and cute like the two younger ones!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

They Have Regressed!!

We went to dinner tonight and all three kids (which I use loosely, as they are 13, 15 and 19) were in the seat behind us because farmers market stuff takes up half the car now. So, things got a bit wild...




Hannah: singing

Hayden: Hannah shut up!

Sarah: He is leaning on me!!

Hayden: Your face is leaning on me

Hannah: Touch me again and I'll kill you

Hayden: Your face is killing me

Sarah: Mom, tell him to stop

Hannah: singing...louder

Sarah: He is still leaning on me

Hayden: Your face is stupid

Hayden: ouch, ouch, they are making me a sandwich. (oh Hayden is in the middle of the two girls)

Hayden: yells

Mom: Hayden why are you yelling

Hayden: Hannah just stuck her cup down my pants!

Mom: Hannah don't 'cold crack' your brother

Sarah: I don't feel good

Dad: You look great

Hannah: Hayden I am going to hurt you

and on and on and on!!! of course, all in jest!!

From these little angels...

[183/365] feeling uninspired



Saturday, June 12, 2010

Opening Day of the Farmers Market

5:30 AM came very early this morning, especially after baking all day Friday. But we dragged ourselves out of bed and made it to the market by 7:30!

We had a great opening day with about 20 vendors and lots of customers. Being back downtown made a big difference.

Being unsure of the crowds today, we baked a little less, but sold all but 3 loafs and probably would have sold those had we not left early. We sold all but 2 dozen eggs also.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Today He is 13


Handsome funny smart musical

Saturday, June 5, 2010


[152/365] sour cherries

My sweet hubby brought home several large bags of cherries from his dads earlier this week. These are sour cherries so we decided to make jam![153/365] sour cherry jam

It turned out wonderful and we didn't have to use a hot water canner or pectin! Just sugar and lemon juice, then we put the lids on and turned them upside down. Sealed!

photos by Hannah Queen