Sunday, June 27, 2010


IMG_1379[174/365] catering

We haven't catered in awhile and we are all paying for it! Oh my!! My feet think I hate them and I think I do.

12 hours of labor payed off in the way of a wonderful Eagle Scout banquet with a sit down dinner. We made Cheese crusted chicken, red potatoes with parsley, whole green beans, yeast rolls, salad and dessert.

Did I mention that we are tired?? Oh and did I mention that the scouts mother didn't let us know she wanted us to decorate until 24 hours before the dinner? Talk about scrambling; fortunately we are on top of July 4th and Eagle Scouts use red, white and blue! And we love a challenge. I think...

The girls and I are saving all our farmers market money and any other we can make for a vacation. A scouting family has a condo out in Wyoming that they like to bless people with by allowing them to use it. YES!! We so want to go West. So today helped a lot!

Now I must go and rest, and rest, and rest, and rest, and dream of the wild West.

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