Thursday, June 17, 2010

They Have Regressed!!

We went to dinner tonight and all three kids (which I use loosely, as they are 13, 15 and 19) were in the seat behind us because farmers market stuff takes up half the car now. So, things got a bit wild...




Hannah: singing

Hayden: Hannah shut up!

Sarah: He is leaning on me!!

Hayden: Your face is leaning on me

Hannah: Touch me again and I'll kill you

Hayden: Your face is killing me

Sarah: Mom, tell him to stop

Hannah: singing...louder

Sarah: He is still leaning on me

Hayden: Your face is stupid

Hayden: ouch, ouch, they are making me a sandwich. (oh Hayden is in the middle of the two girls)

Hayden: yells

Mom: Hayden why are you yelling

Hayden: Hannah just stuck her cup down my pants!

Mom: Hannah don't 'cold crack' your brother

Sarah: I don't feel good

Dad: You look great

Hannah: Hayden I am going to hurt you

and on and on and on!!! of course, all in jest!!

From these little angels...

[183/365] feeling uninspired



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Meggan said...

That's funny! One day our kids will be doing the same thing! Your pictures are gorgeous! You have a great eye.