Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So Blessed

I am just constantly amazed at God's provision and that sometimes bothers me. I shouldn't be, He promises He will provide and so many times He does more than just provide.

Our business is still bustling, Hannah just finished her first 'big' contract with Peanut Butter & Co. and continues to sell prints as she seeks direction on expanding her business. She will be doing a session on food photography at a blogging conference in Atlanta in December. Sarah is working diligently on school, learning how to be a Venture Crew member and practicing mandolin as she becomes more of a gracious young woman each day. Hayden is enjoying his harder subjects this year and is becoming a wonderful guitar player while accomplishing so much in Scouts. How blessed we are!

I have fought with pneumonia for the last 2 weeks or so, but the family has picked up the slack and taken care of things. It has been frustrating to not be able to walk 20 feet without having to stop to catch my breathe. Hopefully I am on the mend.

We are planning a trip west for the near future. We have only been as far as Texas and look forward to exploring Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and more. The kids are getting older and in 5 short years all of them could be out of the house. (I may cry now) So, this could be one of the last big family trips.

tiny treasures

So they will be called Oaks of Righteousness,
the planting of the Lord,
that He may be glorified.”
- Isaiah 61:1-3 -

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Member of the Family

We (well, me mostly) have been looking for another dog to adopt. Our sweet old black lab died around the time Otis got bit by the snake and our beagle/basset is old.

Saturday the kids and I were riding from town and a pet rescue was set up at the apple house. Hannah, who can't pass up a dog either, turned in and parked in front of the tent.

There she was. I knew it was the one. We jumped out and went right up to her. The lady thought we were crazy. She thought we had just pulled in and decided at that moment to get a dog.

She asked all kinds of questions. I told her the story about our lab dying and how we had been looking online for a rescue for a while. We all explained that we had other pets and loved them dearly.

So without you having to wait any longer; meet Margot!

meet margot.


She just fits right in to our family.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Delano Community Farm Market

Though I have felt poorly for several days and we didn't bake for our farmers market today, I had promised the kids that we would go to a Mennonite market in TN. So, I bucked up and we headed out to find this market.

It is just above Benton, TN and off the main hwy. You head up this little road, by the fields and right up to the little market. It is in a little open air building and the variety is incredible. They have all kinds of vegetables, jams, jellies, honey, soap, bread, etc.

At the check out they used an old adding machine; the big ones that you press the numbers then pull the handle. Too neat! We spent only 30.00 and got jelly, sorghum, potatoes, peanuts, bread, sticky buns, squash and seed.

I loved the sign out front (see below) Inside the store there were additional signs about dress. Modesty is still alive and well!!

The Tennessee food tour begins at Delano, about 140 miles north of Atlanta. There you'll visit Delano Community Farm Market, the Mennonite community's market which sells homemade jams and relishes as well as fruits and vegetables. Patrons are asked to dress modestly.

Delano Community Farm by Harrison Pirtle

I survived the day and we saw some beautiful farm land. This is worth the drive, so make plans. They are open from April til November.

146 Needle Eye Lane in Delano, TN 37325
It is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m

Monday, September 6, 2010

It's Labor Day, No More White

...not that I even wear white

The feel of fall is in the air here in the N. Ga. mtns. The mornings are chilly and you can sense autumn approaching. We throw open all the doors so we can feel the cool air and think about pumpkins; we love pumpkins.

Now we can sit on the porch with hot tea in the mornings or evenings with a good book.

[176/365] A proper tea is much nicer than a very nearly tea, which is one you forget about afterwards

Pull out our beloved sweaters.

sarah, darling.

Enjoy baking because it's not so hot.

rhubarb lemon buttermilk cake

Buy caramel apples at the local apple house.


And drive our country roads looking for fall colors.

i love where i live

The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.

-louisa may alcott

photography by Hannah Queen