Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Member of the Family

We (well, me mostly) have been looking for another dog to adopt. Our sweet old black lab died around the time Otis got bit by the snake and our beagle/basset is old.

Saturday the kids and I were riding from town and a pet rescue was set up at the apple house. Hannah, who can't pass up a dog either, turned in and parked in front of the tent.

There she was. I knew it was the one. We jumped out and went right up to her. The lady thought we were crazy. She thought we had just pulled in and decided at that moment to get a dog.

She asked all kinds of questions. I told her the story about our lab dying and how we had been looking online for a rescue for a while. We all explained that we had other pets and loved them dearly.

So without you having to wait any longer; meet Margot!

meet margot.


She just fits right in to our family.


marmee said...

she's perfect and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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