Saturday, September 11, 2010

Delano Community Farm Market

Though I have felt poorly for several days and we didn't bake for our farmers market today, I had promised the kids that we would go to a Mennonite market in TN. So, I bucked up and we headed out to find this market.

It is just above Benton, TN and off the main hwy. You head up this little road, by the fields and right up to the little market. It is in a little open air building and the variety is incredible. They have all kinds of vegetables, jams, jellies, honey, soap, bread, etc.

At the check out they used an old adding machine; the big ones that you press the numbers then pull the handle. Too neat! We spent only 30.00 and got jelly, sorghum, potatoes, peanuts, bread, sticky buns, squash and seed.

I loved the sign out front (see below) Inside the store there were additional signs about dress. Modesty is still alive and well!!

The Tennessee food tour begins at Delano, about 140 miles north of Atlanta. There you'll visit Delano Community Farm Market, the Mennonite community's market which sells homemade jams and relishes as well as fruits and vegetables. Patrons are asked to dress modestly.

Delano Community Farm by Harrison Pirtle

I survived the day and we saw some beautiful farm land. This is worth the drive, so make plans. They are open from April til November.

146 Needle Eye Lane in Delano, TN 37325
It is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m


Anonymous said...

is this a Mennonite Community or Amish

Lisa said...

This is a Mennonite Community.

Anonymous said...

You said they are open in November but another site says October. I plan to take kids there this week and they don't have a phone and it's November. Are you sure they are open this month? The drive itself is pretty but it would be great if they are open.

Anonymous said...

It could have changed. This post is from 2010.


Tuncker said...

The Delano community are Old Order Mennonites of the Noah Hoover group. Im many aspects they are similar to Old Order Amish.

Bjb said...

This is a beautiful drive 75 N from Chattanooga. The produce is varied and gorgeous, many varieties of tomatoes, melons, potatoes, squash, honey sorghum and home canned, baked goids available as well as some nice crafts, closed Sunday, cash only and sticky buns only on Saturday. Ladies, no short shorts or spaghetti string tops, dress modestly.