Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This is what I got in the mail today!! I am so excited. My study of doing it yourself, frugal living continues.

After looking at various books, The Encyclopedia of Country Living seemed the best choice for our needs. It has information on gardens, chickens, herbs and food preservation; all things we are pursuing.

We are going slow, adding a little to our plate at a time. We want to learn each thing well before we tackle something else. And we need to see what is profitable for us, as our desire is to grow things for us and to sell.

At present we are: reusing, recycling, composting, grinding our wheat and baking bread, using less pre-packaged food, hanging out clothes(warm weather), using less electricity w/ little to no AC, buying less.

This years goals: square foot organic gardening, laying hens, herbs, and food preservation. William is studying solar energy also.

I have discovered that anyone that is willing can move over into this lifestyle. This is not at all the way I grew up. My parents grew up on farms but abandoned that lifestyle as adults. They came of age when frozen dinners were introduced, restaurants became more popular and convenience and ease was the becoming more important than self-sufficiency. They, like many raising families in the 60's and 70's, embraced this new way of life.

For me, I felt that not being raised close to the land left me lacking. I was just a consumer with no ability to provide for myself. The only means I possessed was to earn money to buy what I needed. This was just not good enough for me or my family. In these uncertain times, the ability to grow food for ourselves, live on less and reuse more seems more important than ever. We want to be kind to the earth God gave us and be less dependent on outside sources.
It should be an interesting journey.

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