Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Day

I went out before dark to see the chickens and give them some scratch. They are doing great and we are enjoying having them. Sarah loves to pick them up and talk to them. Crazy girl! I'm sure how that bodes for her future husband!

If you had asked me 20 yrs. ago or even 10 yrs. where I would be in 2009, I would NEVER have said in the country raising chickens, growing vegetables and herbs, and looking forward to the Farmers Market. NEVER! You just never know now do ya!!

As we plan for this year, we are looking at next year deciding where we want to expand. I hope that we can have chickens for laying and meat by 2010. Also we would like to add a muscadine arbor and expand our variety of vegetables. Little steps at a time and learn much as we go.

I would encourage anyone interested in raising farm type animals to start with chickens. They are very easy to care for and not so overwhelming. Clean water, good feed, grit, scratch and a clean coop. (which we have to clean out tomorrow) Dirty Chicks!!!

I'll leave you with a beautiful picture Hannah took earlier this evening of some apple trees in our area. We have several large apples orchards so we never want for lovely apples.

apple tree blossoms

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