Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Voddie Baucham

If you have not read Voddie Baucham you have missed out. He recently commented on Attorney Eric Holders comments and it is worth reading. He speaks volumes of truth regarding this "nation of cowards".

Racism is big business (non-profit organizations, grants, quota-filling professorships, quote-filling political appointments, quota-filling corporate jobs, corporate extortion, etc.). There are people whose entire careers are based on promoting the idea that America is a racist Nation from which “racial justice” must be extracted by force.

Jump over and take a look at Voddie's blog!!


Dana said...

A very insightful post by Voddie. AMEN on his comment that "the gospel, not talk, [is] the only cure for sin."

I was not familiar VB or his ministries, but I am so glad I stopped by your blog tonight and was directed to his site.

Great read. Great recommendation. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I have often said that people like Jessie Jackson don't really want to end racism. They are making an excellent living fighting the battle. God forbid they should win the war. What would they do then?