Monday, March 9, 2009

Working While We Wait


My FIL's discharge continues to be put off, which I know is frustrating to him. He and his sister were told yesterday that he would be discharged today; we didn't go down to visit since we would be picking him up today. So far, no orders.

Of course we want him there if he needs to be; but we wish they would stop telling him that he will be discharged. It gets his hopes up, then when it doesn't happen he gets depressed. We are not sure what the hold up is now. His potassium level is down is all we have been told.

So, we are trying to rush and get things done around the house before Wm. starts back to work and his dad comes home. We are working on redesigning the chicken coop a bit, putting weed blocker (pizza boxes, cereal boxes, etc.) in the bottom of the garden beds, clearing the path to the chicken coop, making bread, getting our business ad back in the local paper for Spring and other odds and ends.

GOOD NEWS!!! The IRS finally decided to send the money they owe us. Wm. came in from the post office doing a happy dance!! What a blessing. Now we can pay our property tax and live in our paid for home another year. Gotta love America! (I actually do love America, just getting out a little frustration people) Now we wait for the state to refund their portion...

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