Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday: Girls Day Out

William and Hayden went caving with the scouts, so it was time for 'girls gone wild'. Ok, not really; we went to paint pottery, have dinner and get ice cream. Crazy, I know.

Here is Sarah, Catherine and I in front of the pottery place. Painting pottery is so relaxing, so Hannah suggested we go. Good suggestion, I have been tense lately. (will discuss that later)



Sarah in deep concentration.



Catherine working hard or hardly working! Love this kid!!


Sarah drew a tree inside her cup.


Hannah's very plain plate for her photography.


Starting the inside of my bowl.


I am not burying my head. Really. I was writing a word and it was hard to get it right. So I got to working and all the sudden Hannah is laughing hysterically at me. I realized that it looked like I was trying to fit my head in my bowl.

After 2 hours of painting we were hungry and there was a pizza place two doors down! How convenient.


The salad was amazing and the pizza was good. But, we couldn't stop there. OH NO! There was a Bruster's Ice Cream next to the pizza place. Good grief!!!



See my eye twitching. Sweet Jesus! This is ridiculous.

Sarah dumped part of hers in the trash can. I pawned part of mine off on Hannah because she wasn't crazy about her flavor. Catherine was just happy. Then we moaned...

All in all it was a good day for us girls!

photos courtesy of Hannah Q

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