Saturday, March 7, 2009


It has been a good day here at the Queen home! (translation-productive) It started off with pancakes and bacon per Sarah's request. William and Hayden went over to our property to cut long sticks for bean tepees, made bean tepees, worked on the chicken coop and put up a ceiling fan for the girls.

We girls hit the H**e D***t to pick up some light bulbs, a new mop(desperately needed), the above ceiling fan (on sale for 39.00!) and a couple of other things. Somehow I have lost the contractor bags I bought; they are no where to be found. :( My splurge was the new Southern Living magazine. I still hate that they changed the spine, but I can't give it up. I tell my girls it is our Southern bible. (no disrespect to the actual Bible that we love)

Anyway, I mopped my dining room and kitchen with my new mop! The girls and I cleaned part of our porches; they need more work, but first William needs to move some of his stuff. I also got a baby gift together which I have needed to do for a week.

Hannah in her constant need to be creating something, put this together using an old camping mug we had. The plant is a succulent. She has plans for flowers in various containers she finds also. It is not unusual to find things dumped out of something so she can plant something in the container!

hello, gorgeous.

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De Gina said...

Hannah might want to plant her little hen and chicken in something else, they produce little babies FAST and will need room to branch out.