Wednesday, September 3, 2008

William's World

This is my husband's ministry, the sound board. He has worked in this area for the last 20+ years. He has always done my sound whenever and wherever I sing; and has done it at most of the church's we have served in.

I have discovered that it requires a lot of patience and a calm spirit. Over the years I have learned the board and can run it when he is not available; but my personality is more 'excitable' than his so I get tense if there is a lot to do. I would rather be on the platform singing!

There is so much to this job because the flow of the service hinges on everything in the sound booth going smoothly. Muting mics when someone isn't speaking, making sure batteries are not half dead in all the mics, lighting, music, recording, volume, odd noises coming from the speakers, etc. It is busy from the beginning to the end.

William does it with ease (most days) and provides me a great degree of security as I minister on the platform. It is his gift and he operates in it well.

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Anonymous said...

Few things will make you appreciate someone in that position as a day in which there is nobody there.