Saturday, September 27, 2008

Farmer's Market

Today we got up at 6am to head to our town's Farmer's Market. It was cool and overcast and fall like. Everyone was set up above our railroad tracks in a long line. It is like small town America and I love it.


Here is our sample and business card holder. Hannah found this at Target and I love it.


We had a great day and sold almost all our bread. We had 1 loaf left!!

We were set up under a small tree that was actually a large problem. We ran into this dang limb several times. I finally took the small limbs and pushed them up into the tree.


Here is some of our bread. Everyone enjoyed the samples and bought all our Whole Wheat Apple and Banana bread; we didn't have enough. Hannah and I are working on quantity adjustments this week along with a few other tweeks.


We are looking toward the next few weekends and our Harvest Festival coming up in October. It is two full days so I think we will need close to 200 loaves of different breads. William, Sarah and Hayden will work this one as Hannah and I will be doing a Ladies Retreat for our church.

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