Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Moving On

The kitchen is done except for waiting on the decal I ordered to go on the board over the sink. It is going to be beautiful. It says "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want".

We have now started on the girls room. SEE, you start one project and one leads to another. Yesterday we painted the walls in their room, after removing all their stuff. When Wm. came home, he removed the bunk beds, which was no small task.

are going to put in two full beds and build two desks for themselves. Yes, I said "build two desks". They need to be narrow to fit the space and they want something simple, so they are going to design and build them. I am proud of the girls persistence in all this. They are learning a lot and realizing that there are many ways to a goal.

After we complete their room, we are going to redo Hayden's room. He wants to paint the walls and redecorate. Then on to the living room and decks!!!

We are remaining frugal in all of this. We have only purchased some paint. As far as decorating, we are just moving things around, decluttering, making it ourselves, etc.

More pictures soon!!!

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