Friday, September 26, 2008

Been Busy!

Sorry I haven't been posting. We have been busy. The girls and I painted the cabinet doors in the upstairs bath Tuesday.

Wednesday I had a meeting before church. After church we went out to dinner with DeGina and the kids. Always loud and fun!

Thursday me and the kids went to, my favorite place of ALL TIME!! We got a table cloth for our table we are going to use for the Farmer's Market. We bought a few other things, but kept it frugal.

The weather here has been wonderful. The mornings are cool and the leaves are changing. Did I mention that I LOVE Fall! Hannah made Hot Apple Cider last night and it was fabulous. It was hot, and appley, and cidery. And I could smell a fire burning and s'mores roasting. Oh my!

We have got to go to the pumpkin patch and get pumpkins to decorate outside. My heart just sings when the leaves turn, pumpkins and such are sitting all around and the house smells of fresh baked goods.


Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Oh, did I miss it? What are you selling at the farmer's market....I love the farmer's market!!

Lisa said...

We are selling homemade breads: honey wheat, whole wheat, banana bread, apple bread, raisin bread and the whole wheat versions of banana and apple.
We are just starting out, me and my girls. Our business is called the Firefly Baking Co.

Lisa Q