Monday, September 8, 2008

I Almost Forgot: The Sprayer Debacle

When we got to the painting part of the cabinet redo, we intended to spray the doors. SIT DOWN... this is a long story.

William had the sprayer in his work van, of course, along with the tarps. So, Hannah and I went to get the paint, then out to the boonies to the job site to get the sprayer and the tarp.

I asked him how the sprayer worked. First mistake! He said, "put the paint in it and turn it on". Ok, now as a woman I am thinking, "it ain't that easy". I mention this. He rolled his eyes, put the box with the sprayer in it on my back seat and threw in the tarp. He said, "don't leave it with the paint in it after you finish, it will mess it up".


We come home and pull out everything. I put the tarp on the driveway and get the sprayer out. This is where the easy part ends.

I try to pour the paint from a big paint bucket into a small paint sprayer; not so easy. The paint runs down the side of the sprayer. ( I see Wm's face) Cringe with me. There is a big spot on the tarp. Cringe again with me.

I yell at Hannah to get a cloth and remind her that she does NOT want her father to see the sprayer in this condition; he was talking earlier about a new sprayer he had JUST bought. I clean off the outside and turn the baby on. Oh my. It makes a grrrrr noise followed by a spllllpppllppp so as to cover everything in sight. (cringe with me people)

The paint splatters out all over my cabinet door. I am not sure what I said at this point, but I am pretty sure I do not want to repeat it... ever... in front of children... or at church. All I see is this huge job going down the toilet and Wm. shaking his head while shaking his ruined paint sprayer at me. (ok, he isn't mean, but at that point, I was imagining horrible things)

I CALL HIM! Why isn't this thing working. He says, "the paint is probably too thick". WHAT?? I bought paint, this is a paint sprayer; this isn't ROCKET SCIENCE! He told me to read the directions; that I needed to measure the flow of the paint. Are You KIDDING ME?! So, I hung up and pulled out the directions.

Now, I am more frustrated. The directions are all in spanish. I am thinking "why did he keep the spanish directions and throw the english away". I actually said this to our daughter sitting at the table with me. Hannah yanks the directions from my hand, looks at them and exclaims,


Hannah says "we will brush the paint on". For some reason the child thought this would calm my nerves. I was so excited, I couldn't contain myself. Really

So, while she runs back to the wonderful home improvement store, I set about cleaning the prized paint sprayer. I cleaned and cleaned. Took it apart and cleaned some more. Thinking all the time, he's gonna kill me. FYI - paint can come out of a sprayer FOREVER!

William comes home later and I show him how I took apart and cleaned his paint sprayer. I tell him more about our debacle and how we OVER CAME. We go outside to look at the cabinet doors we had painted with a brush. The girls and I are so proud. I am happy that the sprayer is clean. Oh no, but this isn't the end...

He says, "I got that sprayer from Russell, I didn't know if it even worked".

OH NO HE DIDN'T?! Did he just say what I thought he said? Oh yes, he did. He didn't give me the good sprayer; he gave me a hand me down he got for NOTHING.

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sparc77 said...


I would have paid real money to be a fly on the wall for THAT one!