Friday, September 12, 2008

Divine Provision

I am continually amazed how God provides opportunities for us. And today we have been provided not one BUT TWO!! He is an awesome God!

We received a call from a cabin rental company that would like to talk to us about managing some of their cabins in our area. This would involving cleaning and being on call if a client has a problem. Also, we would provide bids for staining the cabins. I meet with the owner next week. I pray that we find favor with her and are able to meet her expectations.

DeGina called and told me that we have an opportunity to provide baked goods to a local restaurant. The lady would like a sample of several of our breads Monday; so we will bake this weekend. We will start with whole wheat bread, honey wheat bread and banana bread. This is a wonderful opportunity for us also.

William and I have been concerned how we were going to manage through the winter. We do not do exterior work once the temps drop below 40 degrees. These two jobs could take care of that.

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