Tuesday, September 2, 2008

God Continues to Provide

Eagle Restoration started a new job today and we got a call on another one that is sending their deposit. William will continue to look for other employment because we do not get jobs during the winter; the biggest downside to our business.

Hannah is looking for part time employment and is looking into colleges close to home. She went to an interview today at a local coffee house/restaurant. Because of her catering experience the lady wants her full time or almost full time in the kitchen; which will not work with school. She has in other applications in also.

We continue to seek what God has for us even if it means change. We do not want to become stagnant in our walk with the Lord. We know He has great plans for us and we want to know those plans!

In other news: Our studies are going well. Charlotte Mason is a great method of education, but it does require alot of reading and planning. Hayden has to be dramatic when I ask him to do something difficult, which is just our "normal"! Sarah studies quietly; my easy student. Hayden, not so easy!! :)


Anonymous said...

He does indeed.
Nothing definitive yet, but I am in the final stages of contract negotiations for a 5 week job in Michigan. It will mean missing a few Sundays, but at this point, beggars can't be choosers.

Lisa said...

Go big dog!!!