Saturday, September 27, 2008

We Love 70's Music!!!

William and I grew up listening to 70's music and it is still our favorite. We can sing them all and we love to sing with the kids in the car. It is OUR thing!! Turn up the volume and roll down the windows, cause we gonna get LOUD!

Abba, Bee Gees, Foreigner, KC and the Sunshine Band, Chicago, and on and on.

Now, the crazy part is that we have our own dance moves invented by us. We do the the 'washing your hair', the 'mixer', the 'putting on deodorant', 'starting the mower' and the 'water sprinkler'.

The 'washing your hair' is good for fast and slow songs. 'Starting the mower' is great for KC and the Sunshine Band.

It is wonderful to see the kids all laughing and singing along. It reminds me of the memories that they will have of all of us together. Not the sanest, but dang fun!!

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Anonymous said...

would you mind putting one or two of those on You Tube? :)