Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our New Cabinets, etc.

Well, I promised I would post pictures of our most recent home improvement and here they are.

Of course
, redoing the cabinet doors meant cleaning out all the cabinets, taking the furniture out of our dining room and cleaning the floors also. We decided to paint our newest bookcase and pull out all the books in two bookcases and see what we could store. We also pulled all the pictures and such off the walls and are rethinking our decor. And pulled all the stuff down from above the cabinets to reduce the clutter.


No good home improvement project is started without a trip to the local home improvement store. We knew we wanted a shade of green for the cabinets.

We settled on a color that was a light moss green.

Once we settled on a color, the cabinet doors had to come down. Enter Sarah, master of the drill!! She blew us away. That girl can handle a drill.

And she put the doors back on! IMPRESSIVE.

Next we SANDED! And sanded, and sanded, and sanded, and sanded.... Ok, you get the picture. We were covered in wood dust. Hannah was our chief sander, the girl is the SANDING QUEEN! Makes me think of "Dancing Queen". I love Abba, but I digress.
and sanded, and sanded, and... sorry, it just went on FOREVER. We took turns because you would stop sanding and still be shaking. I am not even kidding.

Here is the pile of doors that we decided to take down, so we could sand, so we could paint, so we could clean, so we could redecorate, so ......

Here is the dining room without furniture; I'm liking it. This is before we painted the bookcase on the left a dark green. The raccoon on the fireplace isn't staying there.

We took all our books from our downstairs bookcases and here they are in all their glory on the deck. It did give me an opportunity to go through them. Hayden graciously brought all these books back in to me so I could stack them back in the bookshelfs.

There are twice as many upstairs. :( Oh my goodness...

We put two coats of pigmented paint on and a coat of clear for protection. We put all the doors on the floor of the dining room to dry under the fans. This process, start to finish, took two days.

We have cleaned, sanded, painted, dusted, rearranged, etc. for two solid days. We are very pleased with the results.

Wait for it, Wait for it, Wait for it ....

Tada!!!! ( these were taken after dark, more daytime pictures to come!

Paint - $30.00
New Kitchen mat - $19.99
Time spent with my kids - PRICELESS

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Rue said...

Hi Lisa :)

Thank you so much for leaving a comment!

Your cabinet doors look fantastic. I've never attempted anything like that, but you made it look so easy :)

Have a beautiful Sunday!