Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Moving On II

Today the girls are working with their dad on building their desks. They have chosen birch wood for their desk and the shelves over the desks. All sorts of sanding and such are going on outside as Hayden and I do school. Periodically someone comes in for something or for advice on colors, etc. Not that they then take that advice!

We just spend 10 minutes trying to decide how best to cut a 6 ft x 2 ft board for shelves; I am tired from the mental work. :) Everyone was not in agreement so I finally took a sheet of paper and demonstrated by folding it for those that are visual learners!!! That broke up the meeting and off they went to the home improvement store. Thank goodness!

The desks should be in place by this evening and possibly the shelves also. The girls are really thinking through each step and decision, which shows maturity and makes the momma feel good!

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