Saturday, September 20, 2008


We cooked Bar-B-Que and stew last night. We made slaw also. Lots of slaw. Lots of stew. Let me tell you what you have to do to make REAL stew. You cook chicken and beef; someone else did this part. Then you pull the meat apart, and you grind it all up along with corn, onions and tomatoes. The tomatoes 'spit' out the end of the grinder all over you. :) After that process, you add broth and mix and cook. Now, DeGina's momma did this part in a BIG black kettle. In HER mind, DeGina had her with a black hat on and a broom. I wasn't going there.

Oh while we were tearing the chicken apart we found a part that we could not identity. I should have had a camera. My, we did use our imagination and come up with some interesting ideas. DeGina about fell out of her chair! I can not say in less than VERY close company what we thought it was. But then someone said that they didn't have that part! A discussion on eggs ensued and chicks and barnyard behavior. Hmmm.

Today we sold food and baked goods at the Blue Grass Festival for the Crisis Pregnancy Center. We started about 11:00 and went to 6pm. We had a good time and sold a lot of food. People in the South do like their slow cooked bar-b-que. I am one of those people!!!

I pray that God multiples the donations and He is glorified!!!

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