Monday, July 14, 2008

Tore Up From the Floor Up

Today was our third day of our 5 day catering job. It has been tiring, but good. DeGina and I enjoy working together with the girls and goodness knows we laugh all the time!
Now why I titled the post what I did. We had some ladies from another church come to help with serving drinks and clean up because the some of the families on mission are working on their church. These ladies refused to wash dishes and they were UGLY about it. Lord have mercy, Jesus needs to get hold of some people. They didn't know me from Adam's house cat and stood their and told me they were there to serve (get the irony) and were not gonna wash dishes. I kept my composure and told them that was fine, thanked them for their help and told them that they could leave since they were finished with the drinks.
Hey at least these people serve as an excellent "bad" example for my kids. Thanks Ladies!!

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Jennifer P. said...

Yeah--Jesus needs to get ahold of a lot of rude people :)! Loved reading about the catering adventures!