Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Camp

Here is my boy at summer camp and his tent. Not my idea of appropriate accommodations, but I am not a Boy Scout. They seem to have an unusual ability to sleep and eat in conditions I could not. But, I am spoiled!

The lake where my baby qualified for his Swimming merit badge. Way To Go!!! He also got his Archery and First Aid badges!! And here he is at a gathering; I think he is laughing. How dare he have fun when he is away from his mother? I never!

Waiting in line at the dining hall. Lots of hungry scouts staying in tents, exercising all day, and they ARE HUNGRY!!! Glad I am not cooking for this bunch; that could get ugly. I doubt it though, they are taught to be kind, respectful, etc. etc. Good boys!

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Susie Harris said...

Brings back memories of my church camp years... Smiles.. Susie h~