Saturday, July 26, 2008

They're Back from W. Virginia

Here is my crew at the West Virginia welcome center feeling welcomed! They had a long ride to W. Virginia and were ready to get busy, but still had a drive to get to the first mission location.

Here is Sarah and DeGina resting before the work begins. Lazy Girls!

Mountain Marketplace Mission was their first stop. Here they distributed food to those in need and did some house cleaning for the ministry. Sarah worked the front desk handing out food. I do not know where or what Hayden was doing!
This was the couple that ran the food ministry and mission. What an awesome ministry.

My beautiful Sarah! She has a servants heart. Sarah, go stack chairs. (inside joke)

That is where Hayden was!! On a roof! Great!

Here he is working, that's my boy!! I knew I'd trained him right. Or he maybe planning to hide the vacuum cleaner!

But here he is looking confused or lost. Hmm... That would be his father coming out!! hehe

This was the second location for the
mission trip
. Little Birch, WV

Here is DeGina talking or maybe praying at this moment, to a resident of Little Birch. They said that the man couldn't read so his wife read the Bible to him. Oh, and DeGina , that girl is good at talking!!

And here is Sarah pulling weeds, or falling, or praying or looking for worms. The girl likes worms. She is homeschooled, what can I say? What are you doing?!
The pastor of Little Birch Baptist had an old car, which of course my hubby couldn't resist. I think he begged to sit in; glad I wasn't there to be embarrassed. Now he wants to redo the old T-Bird that has been sitting in our driveway for 7 years.

The picture above is the whole group from our church. Frightening W. Virginia since 2008!! The guy in front in the green, he is our summer intern, bless his heart!

Bible study with the Pastor. My kids better be paying attention. Don't make me get the hose!

Last but not least, here is Mater, like tomato without the 'to'!! He came back to Ga. with the group via our Excursion. Actually this is a mission project for our men's ministry. They are going to redo it and give it to a ministry in W. Virginia.

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