Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

We had our friends Kevin and Jan over for dinner and fireworks. They are a fun couple and fit right in with our crazy family. After dinner Hayden and Kevin got busy playing with the sparklers.(see below) Question: Who is the bigger kid?

When it got dark our part-time neighbors started shooting off big fireworks. So we watched theirs first, since theirs was bigger than ours and I'm ok with that since they spent more money on theirs than we did! (long sentence, point made) SO here are their fireworks. Show Offs!

are ours. I am only posting one picture because they all looked like this. They were small, but I didn't spend a house note on them either.

Here is Kevin trying to make a halo over his head. I told him there was something wrong with a 'fiery halo'. He didn't think so!
Here I am holding a frog. Ok, it isn't related to the 4th except that we found him on the 4th. And I like frogs!

Thanks for the chocolate Jan!! You are by far my favorite person!
P.S.S. Piper,
our little doggie, did NOT like the fireworks. Lordy mercy at the barking.

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