Monday, July 28, 2008


Today started out looking unproductive, but alas, I overcame!! Or was overcome!!!! We'll put it to a vote later. We were staying home today since we were gone all day yesterday for church and lunch and praise team practice and church and dinner. (ok, not a frugal day, but it could have been worse) Really

I couldn't get motivated at first; too much to do with the house, school preparations, etc. We needed bread and I bought some dough enhancer to try. So, I got busy with that first. Lawsy, the dough was sticky; I do NOT know what was up with that. It turned out fine, but I thought I had stuck my hand in a fly trap. (bad analogy)

Next, I had those apples that Rita and Mark gave us. APPLE PIE for dinner!!

Now, on to school preparations. The Charlotte Mason method takes some preparation in advance. There are books to hunt down here at home, online and at the library. I have to see how much is required from each book for each term. There are historical documents to hunt down; easier now because of the internet. And I have to work out the kids schedules. Tired Now! Spent several hours on and off on this.

Then there are the bills. UGH! So, I sat down and paid some bills.






these people gotta eat. Meatless Monday! Mac & Cheese, greenbeans, corn, salad and what is left of the bread. And apple pie.

In between I did interact with my children and husband. Washed dishes. Became my son's hero because I successfully transferred a picture from the internet to his PSP! Mom Rocks!!

Had really ripe bananas so decided to try a new banana bread recipe. Will let you know how it turns out. It is in the oven as I write.

So, did I overcome or was I overcome with some sick, incurable need to be productive. Be gentle....


Anonymous said...

oh mother you are so dramatic, and i've never heard you say "lawsy" before in my life.

Lisa said...

Hey punky oldest kid. I only use 'lawsy' in writing. Stay off my blog!

Jennifer P. said...

Wow! You are ONE BUSY LADY!!! I love Charlotte Mason, but the initial prep. is a lot of work!---and we never spend 6 hours outside like she suggests :). Ah well. Her writing method was a god-send!

And I'm glad that all the aliens who speak in symbol language were able to read your post today :)!

Thanks so much, again, for the sweet comment on my blog. So appreciated!