Monday, July 7, 2008

He Makes Fire

At the scouts last camp out, Hayden had to start his own campfire. This is a requirement for one of the ranks he is working on. William was so proud of him; Hayden got his wood together of various sizes and expertly started his fire! That's my BOY!!!
William and Hayden are at summer camp this week and I miss them already. The week should allow Hayden to work on several things and it will be a great experience for him and his dad.
Boy Scouts teaches these guys so much in the way of discipline, outdoor skills and leadership. It makes a boy a young man and prepares him for greater things. Our troop has 12 Eagle Scouts which is amazing and I am impressed with the successes of each. They have worked so hard to achieve this rank and many have gone over and above the minimum requirements.

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