Sunday, July 20, 2008

Night of Debauchery: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I wouldn't think of my oldest turning 18 without doing something to remember it by. What kind of mother would I be?! So, we hopped in the car around 12:45am to run a covert mission involving saran wrap and a couple of cars. Yes, you heard it right, we went under the cover of darkness to saran wrap someones cars. Specifically, our Pastors cars!! It is important to pass on these skills to the younger generation, and Hannah, being that she is going off to college felt that time was of the essence. And I, being the mom that I am, wasn't going to pass up the opportunity either!!!There will be no pictures of Hannah and I since we are of age. But, the two younger ones, well, we have pictures.

We are somewhat worried as they seem very comfortable with this life of debauchery and quite satisfied with themselves. In fact,both wanted to commit another act that very NIGHT! There was also continuous singing of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", which after 30 times kinda gets on your nerves.

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keyofdjonz said...

ya'll are a hoot! just remember, i don't get revenge i just get even (think evil laughter at this point ha-ha). i don't know about catherine, that looked suspiciously like a mug shot!!!!grid