Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Feel Bad

I have been feeling really bad about that previous picture of my partner and best bud. Really, I have just agonized about people seeing it and thinking she is some over medicated lunatic or that her parents were cousins. Then, I thought, I can't take it down after everyone has looked at it; gosh, that would be disingenuous. What am I to do?? So, I decided to post another picture of her looking much more normal. She fakes it well, really, I mean she is really normal. I mean people think she is normal, I guess I should stop NOW. So anyway, for those of you that have looked at the previous picture (scroll down to see it under "Here She Is", the one I am so sorry I posted) and have worried about her and my well being, relax. She can be very normal, when medicated, I mean asleep, oh there I go again. Love ya Drusilla!

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