Thursday, July 17, 2008

Here is what we look like on the last day of catering. 5 days, 880 meals later!

This is not even a good example of what we experienced with this demonic grill. We had a HUGE flame up, I mean 'hotter than the hinges of hell' flame up, so DeGina shut the grill. Next, we watched the hand on the dial shoot towards 700 degrees. We looked at each other, couldn't decide whether to run or duck. Instead, she opened the lid back up, GREAT, I love that burnt look on me, and I doused it with major amounts of water. My sweet husband came out later and informed us that you should only cook 10 patties at a time. Puusha! I think we proved our point well; the grill did not go into orbit, which we thought it would momentarily, we did not burn the burgers or ourselves, and we served dinner to 110 people ON TIME!! Ok, moment of truth, he did cook the last 60 or so burgers for us. Sweet man!!

This is Hannah on our last day, saying NO MORE of anything. She was in the middle of making slaw for the masses with cabbage everywhere and working with a not so cooperative food processor. Bless her heart!! And she had a bad headache all day.

Sarah is the only one among us that seems unscathed by the marathon catering. Dang kid. She just refuses to be effected, I think. What a constitution this one has. And she worked as hard as the rest of us.

Last but not least, our dear Kevin mopping the fellowship hall for us. Another one that just gets in there and helps out. We appreciate you Kevin, more than you know!! Hey, we didn't have to mop! (just keeping it real)

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Anonymous said...

Aaaarhhh! Jan saw that! She now has proof that I know how to do it!

Funny dream last night. I don't know why or how it came about, but I dreamed that Jan and I were still dating and I had gone over to pick her up. And YOU were her mom!