Thursday, August 21, 2008

She Is At College!

The car was packed and off we went to take my baby away to college. On top of all the changes, she is sick. She is fighting it and taking medicine.

Here she is unpacking. The dorm room is small, but once decorated it was cute! We organized her shelves above the desk area. Yes, mom had to help! Duh!! Actually, she told me what to do, and I did it. She already had an idea of how she wanted everything.

Here is the view out the dorm window. It looks onto the middle of campus which is nice.

Her desk area isn't huge, but there is enough room for her stuff. She, of course, has pictures of her family right in front of her.

We placed cork squares beside her bed to stick pictures onto. It took us about an 1 1/2 hrs. to do it all.

I do NOT know what the expression is on Sarah's face? Odd child. Hannah is doing the "take one more picture and I'll kill you" face! Hayden is just tired. Oh, did I mention, there is no air in this dorm. We were hot also. Fortunately, we bought her an tower fan (look in background). Final picture, I know ya'll are yawning by now. This is a photograph Hannah took and had enlarged. It looks great at the foot of her bed.

So, we are home with one less child. She is struggling, and we just want to go back and get her. I talked to her online and she is hanging in there. They will be busy and we hope that helps her get involved and get to know people. We only want her to succeed in spreading her wings, whatever that may be.

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