Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hannah is Struggling

Hannah is really homesick and having a tough time. New place, new people, not sure who she is away from us, not sure she made the right decision. I just want to tell her to come home and it will be alright, but I can't. She needs to walk this out and prove to herself that she can do something that is really hard. Even if she ends up closer to home ultimately, she needs to stay there one semester.

I am so proud of her; she is physically sick on top of being homesick, but she is doing the things she needs to do to get ready for classes next week. She went to a movie last night with some of the girls instead of sitting in her dorm sulking. This morning she had to go to Confirmation; it is a process to make sure everything is in order before classes start. Hannah may not realize it, but she is succeeding! It may be hard and uncomfortable, but she is doing it!!

I do not know what the future will bring, but everyday she stays and participates, she is getting stronger. She increases her resolve. She matures a little more. All good stuff! She may not realize it yet, but real good stuff...

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