Saturday, August 23, 2008

Injury and Blood Again!

Those of you who know me, well, know me. I am a cook and caterer, which is dangerous to my health!! I was cutting apples to put in chicken salad and chopped right on through my finger. Oh no, didn't slow down a bit.

Sarah asked was it a stitches cut or a butterfly bandage cut while typing away on the computer, never looking up. Hayden was upstairs doing something; at one time he would have ran down to make sure he still had a whole mother. It doesn't phase the kids now; it's just "do you need medical assistance"!!
Thanks guys; I only gave birth to you. No big.

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Jennifer P. said...

Glad it didn't take your whole finger off! Knives scare me!

Hope your Hannah adjusts to college life soon. It is such a scary, exciting adjustment. Tell her I wish her all the best and know that wonderful things will happen for her (which I'm sure won't mean much coming from a stranger who reads her mom's blog---but I mean every word of it!).