Saturday, August 30, 2008

Faux Camping

I LOVE faux camping. You get to pretend you are camping but without the sleeping "with nature", fighting bugs and other wildlife or doing all the stuff you do at home in rougher conditions!! So, since DeGina, Chris and family are camping nearby; we went to visit and hangout and pretend to camp!

Here we have the requisite campfire a flaming up; producing a vast quantity of ash. I felt I was reliving Pompeii. I will have to speak to Chris about this; a little too 'campy' for me. It did serve the purpose of making wonderful SMORES!!
are magic camp food for those of you who didn't know. MAGIC!!!

This is the creek that runs by the campground. It is just loud enough to give you that nice 'outdoor' feeling. And it is far enough from where you sit to not draw bugs. Faux camping at its best!!!

I Love Camping yes I do, I love camping how 'bout you?!

Chris and William sat around and acted like the experienced scouts they are. Comments on the fire were thrown around. I think Chris fell asleep during the stimulating conversation. Note the ability to hold an open water bottle while asleep. Scouting at its best.

Me (above) smiling because we are going to play my FAVORITE game.
Rummikub!!!!(below) I love love love this game! It is competitive and you have to really think about your moves. And I got MOVES...

The Game Table, along with my victims. The silliness of taking on the Rummikub master. Silly silly people....

Two of my favorite "didn't give birth to you" girls. They are having to do the "real camping" not "faux camping". Poor poor children.
Someone should save them. Oh, I did bring the bigger one home with me; so I did do some good.

Hayden felt the need to do a commercial for bottled water. Being the good mother that I am, I humored him. Note the 'wink'. Such the ham.

Sarah, once again doing the weird face thing. What is this face my child? The faux camping getting to you?? Is it the ash?? It's the ash, isn't it??
Chris, do something about the ash!! Look at this face!

, I just had to put another picture of my favorite guy in before I end this. He camps for real cause he's a real man. He even camps without restrooms. They call it 'primitive camping'. That is SO beyond my scope of comprehension, I can't EVEN relate. No bathrooms.
Hello, the Stone Ages called, they want their LIFE back!

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