Monday, August 25, 2008

Can You Say Babylon

Hannah is home from college. We made a HUGE mistake. You can not raise your children one way and then drop them in the world and say "deal". You can't tell them that we are to live separate from those that choose immoral lives, then send them to live with those very people.

She was living in the middle of SIN, which no Christian young lady should be faced with. Her roommate was into Shamanic religion, as were others. She had her 'power animal' in their window. After two days many of the girls were 'hooking up' with boys. The third night there were students outside her window smoking pot. The RA on Hannah's hall told the girls in a hall meeting that they could have boys in their rooms after midnight "as long as they were quiet". Great. No security or safety. Can you say BABYLON?

We just didn't think through it. We looked at things through our lenses and saw them through our experiences. Not necessarily reality. Her leadership scholarship turned out to be a feminist movement with an agenda. We saw it as service and selflessness. Not so.

I feel terrible for her; she was miserable. She was looking so forward to her classes. I am angry with myself. But, there were lessons learned. Hannah realizes that she isn't as accepting of 'alternative lifestyles' (not that she thought they were right, but that she could befriend them and accept the differences) as she thought; at least up close and personal. She doesn't hate the people, but can't just walk with them in their lifestyle. And if you live with them, you gotta be around that lifestyle. Trust me, it is in your face.

now sees the value in some of the rules that true Christian colleges impose and the reasons behind them. She sees that you can not live in the mist of sin and not be oppressed. She was surrounded by spiritual darkness and struggling everyday. What were we thinking??

Lesson learned. We do not want our children to be afraid of the world, but we do not want them living in the mist of sin either. God calls us to be separate.

Psalms 1

Blessed is the man

Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,

Nor stands in the path of sinners,

Nor sits in the seat of the scornful;

Hannah will be fine. She is going to look at other schools closer to home and look for a part time job. Go Hannah!!!! Keep your faith.


Jennifer P. said...

It is the sad consequence of being asked again and again to "tolerate" everyone---when what they're really asking is to be accepted and considered as 'normal' and 'right' as everyone else. Right and Wrong are still clearly defined according to God's world, but everyone is so muddled in the gray--it's hard not to get sucked in sometimes.

It sounds like everyone made the right decision here. I will be praying that she find the perfect place for her and be surrounded by those who would support her in her righteousness.

The best to all of you.

Lisa said...

Thanks Jennifer, you are very kind!