Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Restaurant Critique

While the guys were camping and hiking in the wild woods of N. Ga., the girls and I decided to check out a new restaurant south of us called the River Street Grill. We ate outside which was nice and the food was pretty good.

Hannah had a Reuben, which she rated decent. Fries were too salty.

Sarah had a Meatball sub, which wasn't great. The bread was soggy due to the sauce.
I got a Cheese Burger in case Sarah didn't like her sandwich. She wasn't crazy about it, so I halfed my burger with her.

We shared one dessert which was pretty good. It was a tortilla with cinnamon apples, ice cream, carmel sauce and whipped cream.

We enjoyed each others company, the waitress was sweet, it was nice sitting outside and the food was respectable.

P.S. Hayden finished his last requirement for his Second Class rank during this camping/hiking trip!!!! He has most requirements for First Class done also. My Big Boy Scout. (don't tell him I said that) Please!

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