Friday, August 29, 2008

Frugal Update

The economy continues to limp along as does our business. William is looking for employment and I am cutting back! We were able to drop two cell phones and drop extra services on our existing ones. We are canceling our billboard as it hasn't really brought us business and it is 350.00 a month. I also reduced the insurance on an older vehicle we own. So, I feel productive!! I will continue to look for other ways to reduce our outgo.

We went to Goodwill yesterday and found a old desk chair which we needed. It is great, probably 30 yrs. old and heavy. I'll have to add a picture. I love Goodwill!

Job 9:27 I will forget my complaint, I will put off my'sad countenance, and be of good cheer;


sparc77 said...

It is well. it is well with my soul.

Lisa said...

Amen!! It is all good!