Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Why We Homeschool

We chose to home school after realizing we were running through each week and not spending quality time as a family. Our kids were in a private christian school and we were very involved as parents. But, by the time we got everyone home, had snacks, did homework then dinner, we had no time to just enjoy each other or talk to each other. Public school was not an option for us since so much has changed in public education. The standards are lower, the teachers cannot discipline for fear of reprisal and the parents have limited input.
We also believe it is our responsibility to educate our children spiritually and academically. We do not desire to isolate them, on the contrary, we travel and have many friends. We do not wish to keep them ignorant of the world nor the circumstances many face daily. Our children are taught that they are blessed to have been born in America and that few around the world have as much as they do.
We teach our children practical skills as well as strong academic skills. They learn to care for a home, garden, cook, run a business and serve others. They have the luxury of time instead of spending 7 hours in a classroom. They interact with people of all ages and minister in our church. They are children that don't mind doing for others, in fact, they seem to thrive on it. Their legacy is one of service to others.
We spend a lot of time just talking to our kids. The topics range from politics to religion to conservation. There is very little TV watching. We sit on our porch and talk. We get in the kitchen and cook together and talk. We go to friends for dinner, games and conversation. Each child is comfortable stating their opinion and conversing on any topic.
Parenting has been the biggest gift and the most incredible blessing!


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Great post! I totally agree. Even though homeschooling is not easy and sometimes I want to quit, it's the best decision we ever made for our kids.

Lisa said...
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