Friday, June 6, 2008

Hannah and College- Changes

Hannah called her college and requested a roommate. The girl requested her and she had to do likewise for the college to put them together. She now knows who she is rooming with and what room they will have!! It gets more real each week. We have been purchasing items for her dorm room and go later this month for freshman orientation.
This momma is starting to panic. This is my baby, my first born. (I am gonna get mushy) I watched her take her first steps, say mama, pee on my floor (she'll appreciate that one), go off to preschool and say "bye momma" (that floored me). I have watched her grow into a confident, intelligent young woman who loves the Lord and cares about the big picture in our world. I enjoy talking with her, debating with her and even arguing now and then. I love to watch her help her siblings and work at our church. I love the person she is becoming; the adult she is becoming. And now it is time for me to let loose some, trust God with her, trust her and know that we have poured our lives into her to prepare her for this day.

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