Wednesday, June 4, 2008


On Monday I went to the grocery store and found the boneless chicken breasts on sale. Yeah! My partner and I have a catering job coming up in 2 weeks and we need chicken for 100; I have been buying along. I purchased 11 packages Monday, which was all they had.
One of my daughters just came up stairs saying that it smelled down stairs in the basement. I am thinking septic, no she says, "I think it is in the laundry room". Thought, is there any of our animals missing. She continues, "the freezer door is NOT closed all the way". ALL the CHICKEN is ruined. It's ok, no one died. And I got it real cheap since it was on sale and I had a Food Lion coupon for 13.00. I got it cheap, thinking of crying now. Oh, by the way, it was my 10 yr. old son that took it down, and he would feel terrible, so I will just replace it.

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