Sunday, June 22, 2008


I woke up last night with acid reflux, which I never have. I was desperate because I was tired and in pain, so I decided to try some milk. This didn't work at all. I started thinking, surely we have some Tums, so I went looking. I found a big bottle in the cabinet, YEAH. I looked at the expiration date; it was 2004. "Hum, that is only 4 years old", I say to myself. "It is just Tums", I say to myself. "They smell a little off, but it's just Tums", I say to myself. I am desperate so I pop a pink one in my mouth. Oh, and choosing pink was deliberate. Pink is passive, it looks innocent, wouldn't hurt anyone. Oh my word, it tasted weird. BUT, I do not spit it out right away, oh no. I think, "just suck on it a little bit and maybe it will help. Did not. " Bite it", I say to myself. Lord, can it get worse?? It did. Finally I spit it out. Lets hear a collective, "what was she thinking"! So, my advice is, no matter how much your throat burns, or any other part of your body, no matter how tired you are, DO NOT use anything that is 4 years old! Water and ice worked nicely.

Note to self: do not use old anything in your cabinets, throw them OUT! And stop talking to yourself!!

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