Sunday, June 8, 2008

Update on Cutting Back

We are suppose to be spending less, cutting back, etc. Overall it is going well, but if I leave this house; not so good. Just gotta stay home. Stay home, try not to run the air and sweat! This is going downhill fast! It has been 90 degrees here this week, so I have compromised and turned the air down a little in the evening before we go to bed since there is absolutely NOTHING like sweating in your bed. Nuf' said. One of my sister-in-laws did give us a window AC unit for our family room upstairs, so that should help some.
The garden is coming along well; hopefully I'll have pictures soon. Hoeing is great exercise! And takes out any frustrations. Bread making is good. Cooking at home is good. Line drying towels, not so good. They are so stiff I think we are removing top layer of skin; working on this.
So, overall not bad. Could be better. Note to self: STAY home.

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