Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We have just finished our 5th night of catering and my daughters and 'extra' daughter are in my bedroom just HOOTING! That is joy to my ears. These girls have worked SO hard since Sat., putting in 9 hours + a day. We prep tables, cut vegetables, set a salad bar, baked cakes, ground wheat, baked rolls, cooked and cleaned. We drive home moaning from the pain in our feet and other assorted places. Then we get home and they are laying on my bed laughing so hard they are crying. I love it. They drag me into their mayhem and I end up laughing too! My 'extra' daughter has on my hubby's motorcycle boots, one of his ties and a pink jacket of mine. She looks like a hoot. It is great to have the joy of the Lord. We are blessed!!!

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