Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Day the Lights Went Out or A Big Bucket of CRAZY Dumped on Me

This morning just before we began our worship service, the lights went out. I lead our praise and worship and had two DVD's in the line up for morning worship. Deep breath, regroup, bang head, confer with pianist and make back up plan; I mean I had a whole two minutes!! Think. No power point, no microphones, no DVD's. NO PROBLEM. Pastor now looking at me anxiously, I am smiling, silly grin. I grab a hymnal which we rarely use anymore, throw it in front of the pianist and she laughs. Laughs?She has played for years and years in churches (she is our pastor's wife) and I pick a song she DOESN'T KNOW! I told her "play it anyway"!! hehe We are good friends, or were good friends! We muddled through with me doing deep breathing exercises the whole time! No problem...

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